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E092 – Babywearing & Language Development with Chelsey Chichak | Parent Talk

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Episode: E092- Babywearing & Language Development with Chelsey Chichak

Guest(s): Chelsey Chichak, Speach & Language Pathologist

Today on ParentTalk, Geneviève and Heather are welcoming Speach & Language Pathologist Chelsey Chichak to talk about Baby Wearing and Language Development. 


We cover: 

 • What babywearing has to do with language development. 

 • How we can use babywearing to help support my child’s speech and language skills. 

 • Types of carriers and wraps. 

 • Tips on toddler wearing.  

 • Where we can find help with babywearing. 

 • Where do we start when our child does not like to be worn. 

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